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The Ensworth School New Gym Floor Covers
Nashville, TN)

When Marty Kaufman contacted Covermaster about gym floor covers, he knew what he was doing. Marty, formerly of the Tennessee Titans and Tennessee State University, had just started his new position as the Grounds and Sports Field Manager at The Ensworth School.

Ensworth School’s campus for grades pre-first through eight is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood in the West End area of Nashville. Its modern 21st century facilities preserve the Tudor-Arts and Crafts character of the original building. Begun in 1958 with classes in the house named Red Gables, Ensworth has grown to encompass two academic buildings, a new library, a performing arts building, a gym, track-soccer, football field, softball field, playground and practice fields.

In order to protect their investment, school management started researching what protective products and equipment can deliver the best result. At the time they were interested in renting a gymnasium floor cover system for an upcoming event - a large High School Dedication planned for May 10, 2005. Ensworth School wanted the best gym floor covers and cover storage and handling system to protect their new gymnasium floor in the Athletic Center.

Being familiar with the Covermaster line of products, Marty Kaufman requested a quote to be sent to him for a review with his colleagues. Once the package was reviewed, not only were they interested in a system for one gymnasium, but for two. Ensworth School ended up buying protective gym floor covers and a rack for their permanent use. Covermaster custom manufactured the covers for both gymnasiums in school colors and shipped them to the facility in time for the event.

The entire Ensworth School community came together for the Dedication ceremony, including all 600 students at the Lower and Middle Schools and their faculty, the Class of 2008 and the High School Faculty. Students and staff had the best time ever thanks to the efforts of Marty Kaufman and Ensworth School management.



US Army Base Recreation Facilities in Germany

In the summer of 2005, the President of the United States, George W. Bush came to Germany to thank U.S. Troops at Wiesbaden Airfield Base. He addressed the Third Support Command, 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion, First Armored Division (Iron Soldiers) and First Infantry Division (Big Red Ones) with the following words:

“It's an honor to be here with so many outstanding soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines from this base and others in Germany. I came to Wiesbaden to meet the men and women fighting on the front lines of that war. You are carrying out challenging duties with skill and honor. And today I bring you a message from back home: The American people are grateful to you. Your communities are proud of you. And as you defend the cause of freedom, America stands with you.

I also want to thank all the military families who are here today. They tell me the quality of life here is really good -- (laughter) -- but it's a long way away from home, and it can be lonely when your loved ones are deployed on dangerous missions in distant lands, I know that. You built close-knit community here. You support all those who wear the uniform and you support each other through difficult times. The service and sacrifice of America's military families is vital to our success in the war on terror, and your President is here to tell you I'm proud of our military families, as well.”

Covermaster is proud to contribute to the well-being of Military base workers and their families by taking care of their facilities.

Covermaster supplied Wiesbaden US Army facility, under the GSA Contract, with a Gymnasium Floor Cover system. Upon providing all the necessary information and after subsequent conversations, we received an order to supply not one, but twelve (!) separate facilities with Gymnasium Floor Covers, CoverMate storage racks and PowerMate power winders. Covermaster easily worked out all logistical challenges, and all the equipment was received on time.

In total, 105,120 sq. feet of covers are protecting gym floors at these Military facilities, enabling our troops to have their quality time, like organizing concerts and holiday celebrations for their families, and extending the multi-use of their gyms by converting them to the large accommodation facilities or even humanitarian aid distribution centers.

We feel honored to be able to support our troops stationed overseas and in the USA.



BYU Hawaii, operated by the Church

Picture yourself in Hawaii listening to Gladys Knight’s soulful music… For students of Brigham Young University Hawaii it’s a pleasant reality. BYU has equipped their facilities with Covermaster’s Gym Floor Cover solution, and now easily converts there space for concerts, ceremonies and other social activities.

BYU is operated by the church, which University students attend in Laie and Kona (on the Big Island). BYU-Hawaii is a four-year undergraduate institution that educates 2,400 students each year from 70 countries in Asia , the Pacific, the U.S. and other parts of the world. BYU-Hawaii facilities are also home court for a NBA training camp.

At Brigham Young University Hawaii , leadership knows “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21), and as good stewards they invest and manage their resources for the use and glory of God. In order to protect their gym floors and turn their gym into a multi-purpose venue, the BYU has asked Covermaster to provide them with a Gym Floor Cover — the best value for their dollar. This in itself is not unusual, as Covermaster has been helping churches and schools get more use out of their gyms for years.

BYU’s case was more unique than others, because they also wanted to convert the university gym into a temporary television studio. One of the requirements was to provide a cover with a color that would not interfere with the television cameras. And you know how difficult it is to please TV cameras, which are known to add ten pounds to people and make red color objects look fuzzy. The challenge was quickly solved by Covermaster. BYU people chose a Light Gray and Dark Gray cover — the neutral colors they required.

Now the Ultima 5000 gym floor cover protects the gym floor from studio equipment, props, and furniture, as well as foot traffic of performers, crew and audiences. Additionally, the complete Covermaster Gym Floor Cover System, including the CoverMate II handling system, PowerMate and TapeMate make setup, removal and storage of covers quick and easy. BYU people get more use out of their space without damaging the gym floor.

Lately, BYU Television is helping BYU-Hawaii celebrate its golden anniversary by airing devotionals and special programming related to the Laie campus. "We are excited to be able to run these programs for the 50th anniversary," said Jim Bell, manager of marketing and communications for BYUTV. "BYU-Hawaii provides the diversity in our programming that broadens our appeal to the world."

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School: The Ensworth School New Gym Floor Covers (Nashville, TN)

Military: US Army Base Recreation Facilities in Germany

Church, University: BYU Hawaii, operated by the Church


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President of United States , George W. Bush
President of the United States, George W. Bush in Wiesbaden, Germany

US Army Base Recreation Facilities in Germany
US Army Base Recreation Facilities in Germany












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